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What To Do When You've Been Left Out

If you have been left out of a Will of a person whom you believe should have left you a…

20/09/2016 - Preston Law

Case Study: Contesting A Will And Winning – How To Win A Will Dispute

In 2008 our team was involved in a trial in the Cairns Supreme Court representing an adult daughter in respect…

20/09/2016 - Preston Law

Q & A – Estate Administration

If you have been named as Executor under a Will the person who has passed away has entrusted you with…

20/09/2016 - Preston Law

The Importance Of A Valid Will

For most of us what happens to our Estate and assets after we pass away is not something we give…

20/09/2016 - Preston Law

Estate Administration: Key Terms Explained

Testator, also known as the will maker, is the person who has made a Will. Executor is the person named…

07/09/2016 - Preston Law

You've Been Left Out of a Will - Where to From Here?

If you have find yourself left out of a Will or left without adequate provision from a family member’s estate,…

07/09/2016 - Preston Law

Protecting Your Estate With a Valid Will

It is a commonly misconstrued assumption that once you make a Will it is final. And whilst this final and…

07/09/2016 - Preston Law

7 Things You Should Know About Estate Administration

1. Who administers an estate – where you leave a Will, it falls to your Executor to administer your estate….

07/09/2016 - Preston Law

Contesting a Will and Winning

The passing of a close family member or friend is a difficult time.  This can be made worse when you…

07/09/2016 - Preston Law