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Does My Spouse Automatically Inherit Everything If I Die Without A Will?

When contemplating the future, many of us prefer to avoid thinking about what might happen after we’re gone. However, planning…

04/06/2024 - Preston Law

Have You Been Left Out Of A Will?

If your family member or spouse has recently passed away and their will did not make adequate provision for you,…

30/04/2024 - Preston Law

Do You Need Comprehensive Estate Planning?

As an adult, it is incredibly important to have a valid will, particularly if you have a spouse and children…

04/04/2024 - Preston Law

Understanding Legal Terms: Residuary Estate In A Will

The term ‘residuary estate’ refers to the remainder of an estate after all specific bequests, debts, taxes and other obligations…

06/03/2024 - Preston Law

What is a Bloodline Trust and When Should I have One?

Many families are concerned with protecting their wealth to ensure their assets benefit future generations. One mechanism to ensure that…

05/02/2024 - Preston Law

Things To Consider Before Using A DIY Will Kit

A DIY Will kit is a do-it-yourself option for preparing a Last Will and Testament. They can be found online…

11/12/2023 - Preston Law

Succession Planning As A Business Owner And Why It’s Important

As a business owner or director, succession planning is a critical aspect of leading the business. There are a number…

23/10/2023 - Preston Law

Considerations For Estate Planning With A Blended Family

When an existing parent becomes part of a blended family, it is natural for them to want to do what…

11/09/2023 - Preston Law

Tax Considerations When Drafting A Will

If you only deal with tax at the end of the  financial year, it may come as a surprise to…

24/07/2023 - Preston Law