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What is a Bloodline Trust and When Should I have One?

Many families are concerned with protecting their wealth to ensure their assets benefit future generations. One mechanism to ensure that…

05/02/2024 - Preston Law

Things To Consider Before Using A DIY Will Kit

A DIY Will kit is a do-it-yourself option for preparing a Last Will and Testament. They can be found online…

11/12/2023 - Preston Law

Succession Planning As A Business Owner And Why It’s Important

As a business owner or director, succession planning is a critical aspect of leading the business. There are a number…

23/10/2023 - Preston Law

Considerations For Estate Planning With A Blended Family

When an existing parent becomes part of a blended family, it is natural for them to want to do what…

11/09/2023 - Preston Law

Tax Considerations When Drafting A Will

If you only deal with tax at the end of the  financial year, it may come as a surprise to…

24/07/2023 - Preston Law

Living Wills For Young People

It is estimated that around half of Australian adults do not have a current will. The reasons for this vary…

27/06/2023 - Preston Law

Gifting To Charity In Your Will

Including a charity in your will can allow you to leave a legacy of generosity and continue to help a…

09/05/2023 - Preston Law

What To Know About Accepting The Role Of Executor

An executor plays an important role in the administration of an estate, and if you have been asked to become…

14/03/2023 - Preston Law

What the difference between an estate plan and a succession plan?

If you don’t deal with them on a regular basis, you’d be forgiven for thinking that an estate plan and…

31/01/2023 - Preston Law