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10 tips for talking about estate planning this holiday season

The holiday season will not automatically strike most people as the best time to talk about death and estate planning,…

17/12/2021 - Preston Law

Executors’ commission - What is it and how does it work?

Administering an estate can be arduous and time-consuming, which is why Executors to estates may be entitled to a commission…

18/11/2021 - Preston Law

What is an Enduring Power of Attorney?

If you are worried about how your health and financial affairs may be taken care of if you lose capacity…

27/10/2021 - Preston Law

What is a grant of probate and why is it needed?

What is a grant of probate and why is it needed? A grant of probate is a very important part…

02/09/2021 - Preston Law

What property does not form part of my Estate/Will?

There is a common misconception that anything a person owns or has access to must form part of that person’s…

22/07/2021 - Preston Law

Is it a conflict of interest if the executor of the estate is also a beneficiary?

It is not uncommon for an executor of a Will to also be a beneficiary, with many parents, for example,…

17/06/2021 - Preston Law

Handwritten Wills - Are They Valid?

A Will is something that all adults should have regardless of the size or value of their estate and while…

19/05/2021 - Preston Law

Whose Will Applies If Both Parents Die At The Same Time?

Nobody likes to think about a parent dying, let alone both parents passing away at the same time, but if…

21/04/2021 - Preston Law

What Is The Role Of An Executor To A Will?

An Executor to a Will is the person who has been appointed to administer a deceased person’s estate after they…

17/03/2021 - Preston Law