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Testamentary Trust v Discretionary Trust

There are many reasons why setting up a trust can be beneficial for your family and your financial security, but…

22/11/2022 - Preston Law

Estate vs Non-Estate Assets

It is common knowledge that when a person passes away they leave behind an estate, but did you know that…

27/09/2022 - Preston Law

What is a Grant of Letters of Administration?

A Grant of Letters of Administration is a document which appoints someone with the responsibility of managing the estate of…

29/08/2022 - Preston Law

Contesting The Will Of An Estranged Parent

Family dynamics can often be complicated, and where tensions are high a relationship between parent and child can dwindle to…

05/07/2022 - Preston Law

Do I Have Grounds To Contest A Will?

The distribution of a deceased estate can become contentious if a spouse, family member or close friend feels as though…

11/05/2022 - Preston Law

Administering a Deceased Estate: A Step-By-Step Guide

Losing a loved one can cause major distress and the grief can be very disorienting.  When you are trying to…

27/04/2022 - Preston Law

When Should I Review or Update my Will?

There is no legal requirement to update your Will at any particular time, but there are certain life events and…

28/03/2022 - Preston Law

Top 10 Most Important Reasons to have a Will

It is estimated that half of Australia’s adult population does not have a Will despite it being one of the…

03/03/2022 - Preston Law

Superannuation & the role it can play in your Estate

For many Australians superannuation is one of the biggest, if not the biggest, asset they have so it is natural…

28/01/2022 - Preston Law