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Cairns Wills and Estate Lawyers will help you deal with any estate or Will disputes as efficiently and amicably as possible, whether you are making a claim about the terms of a Will or acting on behalf of an estate in dispute.

We offer clear, straightforward advice and assistance to people in Cairns and Far North Queensland on:

  • your eligibility to contest a Will in Cairns
  • family provision claims
  • capacity to make a Will
  • how to challenge the validity of a Will
  • undue influence
  • defending claims against estates
  • the validity of a Will.

Common types of Will disputes

There are five common Will claims or dispute types:

  • A Provision Claim, if you have been unfairly left out of a Will, or left without adequate support.
  • An Interpretation Dispute, if there is confusion regarding the meaning or interpretation of a Will.
  • A Capacity Dispute, if the person who made the Will was suffering from a mental impairment at the time they made their Will and may not have properly understood its meaning and effect.
  • An Undue Influence Dispute, if another person influenced the maker of the Will to deal with their estate in a certain way (which they would not have otherwise done).
  • An Executor Dispute, if an Executor acts inappropriately with respect to the administration of an estate and their conduct needs to be challenged, or they need to be removed as executor.

More information about each of these claims and dispute types is set out on the Types of Will Disputes page (or follow the links above).

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