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Michael Laycock


Michael Laycock | Will Disputes and Estate Lawyers

Michael provides practical advice and support to his clients, particularly those involved in Will disputes.

He is particularly skilled in acting for beneficiaries who have been left out of a Will, and those who have not been properly provided for in a Will. Michael successfully negotiated a financial award for a son who had not been provided for in his father’s Will, which involved evaluating assets spread across Australia, Indonesia and China.

He assists both beneficiaries and executors to successfully challenge and defend Wills – his goal is to achieve the best possible resolution for his clients before they need to get the court involved, but he also effectively represents clients at court when needed. He recently helped a client win a challenge against her de facto partner’s Will in a Supreme Court trial.

Whether your Wills dispute situation is simple or complex, Michael will ensure that you are appropriately supported and represented.

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